This article provides a brief comparison between Goldfinch, Aave and Compound lending protocols in some major aspects.

DeFi lending and borrowing have become a breakthrough in crypto world. Compound and Aave both provide well-developed solutions for lending out cryptocurrency and earning interest.

When it comes to comparing Aave and Compound…

This article describes the process of swapping HDAC tokens to ATOLO tokens on Rizon Blockchain.

Firstly, it is necessary to go to and press “Start swap”.

This guide will help you to create a ERC-20 token on Avalanche Network. The main idea is to deploy Solidity smart contract on Avalanche blockchain. So now, let’s walk through the steps.

1. Setting up Metamask

First thing you need to do is to setup a custom RPC in your Metamask in order to…

This guide will help you to create a ERC-721 token which represents ownership of non-fingible tokens or NFTs. In this case, every token is unique and and the same time can be transferred between individuals.

1. Setting up Metamask

First thing you need to do is to setup a custom RPC in your…

How to deploy a subgraph on VPS

by Ivan#7522 (Discord)

This step-by-step guide describes how to deploy an example subgraph on a VPS with Ubuntu 18.04. After deploying an example, you can play around with it, make changes is mappings, schema, etc. …

Знакомство с экосистемой The Graph

Что такое The Graph?

The Graph — это децентрализованный протокол, с помощью которого становится возможным запрашивать и индексировать различные данные из блокчейна Ethereum. Набор решений протокола позволяет ответить на такие вопросы, как: Какие биржи обладают наибольшей ликвидностью по конкретному токену? Какие гавернанс-предложения набирают больше всего…

Научитесь оценивать сабграфы

Данная статья посвящена разбору и оценке сабграфа. Мы разберем на одном примере процесс изучения сабграфа, включая его страницу на Graph Explorer, манифест, а также контракты и информацию, с которыми он взаимодействует. Приведенная информация будет полезна как участникам программы кураторов (Graph Curators), так и другим пользователям.


Первым делом…

A comparative analysis of major BTC-on-Ethereum tokens

The ERC-20 token, backed by Bitcoin is something quite special on crypto. This means that a person can deposit Bitcoin and receive Ethereum relative of BTC, so it becomes possible for the user to take advantage of Ethereum emerging ecosystem, especially DeFi.


Overview of tBTC

tBTC is designed by Keep Network and Summa. It is a token on Ethereum blockchain, which is backed by Bitcoin. In order to acquire tBTC, the user has to deposit Bitcoin in the application and then, after some magic, the user receives a tBTC on his Ethereum…

Ivan Staker

Professional validator, taking part in major testnets and running mainnets.

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