ClayStack Protocol

Ivan Staker
3 min readMay 30, 2022


ClayStack is a dispersed stacking protocol that has unlocked the ease of implementation of its assets on the PoS network. Smart contracts that issue tokens are fully secured, and can also be interchangeable. Users can contribute tokens to these smart contracts. As the network’s cognitions come in, the value of these tokens rises.

Users can also use these tokens to participate in other DeFi protocols. The cumulative earnings from betting rewards and participation in DeFi increase over time and increase the return on investment for the user.

CsTokens are perfectly standard ERC20 tokens, representing a claim on both the base tokens already on the stack and the stacking reward. The value of csTokens tokens is steadily increasing relative to the base tokens due to overcoming the challenges of stacking, branding, and updated stacking.

Users can exchange their csTokens tokens instead of simply stacking them. As a result, they avoid the unlock fee and have to wait for an “unlock time” before they can access their tokens.

ClayStack assured the support of such famous foundations as Coinfund, ParaFi Capital, Coinbase Ventures, hacked, Spartan Group, Ascensive Assets and others, which confirms the great interest in this project and a great demand for it + on the possible launch of Coins List.

Recently ClayStack launched a test network called Victoria, the same game where you collect a collection of rings, exchange them with friends and then send Matic test tokens to Staking. This is the second phase of the ClayStack test.

Users can place their assets to get liquidity within ClayStack. Those who invest cryptocurrency in the platform’s smart contracts can receive a bonus, namely a liquid derivative token that is exchangeable and transferable. In addition, ClayStack offers daily rewards to its users.

ClayStack differs from other platforms that offer liquidity in that it fully supports cross-chain with a range of tokens. Blockchain veterans, who have been a major part of the field since its inception, make up the core ClayStack team.

Ethereum, Polygon and The Graph are the three blockchains currently supported by. ClayStack CEO Mohac Agarwal said users can expect Solana to launch on other networks soon after the launch in the future. We can say that the ClayStack platform is absolutely unique for users, working with small investors who have a few thousand dollars in their digital assets, but also for serious investors with impressive portfolios. The funds that come from the seed round will be used in the future to hire additional employees and further develop the ClayStack platform.

Cryptocurrency betting protocol ClayStack has received $5.2 million in seed funding from several prominent blockchain fund investors, which will allow it to introduce new innovations in interest rates later this year. Betting allows investors to earn passive income or interest on their cryptocurrencies by locking them in for a certain period of time. In doing so, stakers get to participate in network management and other consensus processes.

Mohak Araghwal is the founder as well as director of ClayStack argues that there is a growing need for liquid interest today as the market for distributed finances grows.



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