How to run a protocol node with system file

Rent a server on HETZNER

There are 6 pools currently in KYVE Dashboard. Best strategy is to find a pool with the least amount of tokens needed to start. Pay attention to “Minimum staking amount” of each pool. We will focus only on “new” pools since they don’t require a big amount of $KYVE to start.

Make sure you have arweave.json on your server with a funded arweve wallet. If not, please visit , follow instructions and save the json file on your server.

So firstly, you need to download the appropriate binary with the latest tag:

Bitcoin —
Solana —
Zilliqa —

Let’s take NEAR for example. If you want a different pool, just download another binary and change kyve-near to kyve-solana, for example!

Set the variables. POOLID can be seen in the Dashboard.

Please note that stake has to be above the minimum.
Next, we will create a service file.

Check that all the variables are set right

Ok, now launch the node and see the logs.



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Ivan Staker

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